All students should start at foundation level. Here, we can build foundations, or tweak current ones to get the result you desire. All obedience is built on solid, well taught foundations. Without these, problems will occur further down the road, leading to frustration for both parties. 

This also allows us to get to know you, your dog and to better support you once you reach club level. 

Entry levels

Foundation A covers:

  • Luring
  • Positions
  • Heelwork foundations

Foundation B covers:

  • Recall & sendaway
  • Hold & retrieve
  • Position transitions

Class progression

Our classes run in 4 week blocks. Instead of moving directly from foundation A to B, we recommend you complete each level until these behaviours are fluid and you both have a solid understanding of them, and your reinforcement values.

This does mean that you may do each class multiple times, each time being in a class mix of new dogs, and more advanced dogs. Not only is this inspiring to new dogs, but it allows you to work amongst different dogs. 

Once you are fluent in these basic skills, we recommend you move into the club where we meet regularly for class; but also take our training into the real world! 

This can be useful for competing dogs, but also for social media dogs, and enthusiast owners. 

We welcome dogs that may can exhibit reactive behaviour in public: please get in touch for more information.

*These classes are strictly for obedience training, not behaviour modification.